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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The New Sigma Beauty Affiliates feat. Sara Hassan

Hey guys,
      So recently I was emailed the Sigma newsletter about the new Sigma Beauty Affiliate Ambassadors. SO heres how it went.

Dear Sigma Beauty Affiliates,

We are excited to introduce you to a new group of affiliates, the Sigma
Beauty Official Ambassadors! Our Ambassadors were chosen to be
representatives in their country and will share important affiliate updates
with their followers. 
Get to know some of the Ambassadors by clicking their photo below!

Please join us in welcoming and congratulating our Sigma Beauty Official
Yeah I know you guys might be thinking, So what's your point Maheen? But did you guys notice who the second last ambassador is? Yeah you are right! ITS SARA FREAKING HASSAN WOOOOOO!!!!
OMG when I was so proud of her. Just seeing her picture up there with the Pakistani flag was just so Amazing! I wrote this blogpost just to tell her how proud we are of her and how amazing her work is. She really deserved this :) So yeah thats pretty much all I wanna say. See you guys soon with my Haul post and stay tuned for more beauty related reviews and posts and all that good stuff :p

-Maheen Shoaib


SadeeStyle said...

Congrats :)

Sara.H said...

You're a sweetheart. Thank you for the honor. *hugs* :) <3