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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Enliven Body Butter Review

Hey Guys,
    So this is the Oh-so requested review of the Enliven Body Butter. First of all i would just like to mention that all the products i have reviews on or are mentioned in my blogposts are bought by me unless stated otherwise.

I bought this body butter from Shaheen Chemist which is one of Pakistan's most popular drugstores. This body butter is by the brand Enliven. I have used its products before and have always liked them so i thought i would give this body butter a try. This body butter is definitely moisturizing and for the price i paid its amazing.

i just noticed i use the phrase " for the price i paid" a lot but who cares, I don't. :D

Now i have used many body butters before espeacially the Body Shop ones because they have amzing smell but we all have to agree that they can be a little pricey and many people can't afford them or would like to get something else that is better and cheaper. This Body Butter is as good as the body shop ones. The Body Shop ones have a slighly runny consistency and they finish really quickly but the enliven has a whole lot of product and its not that runny. I personally don't have any problem with the not being runny part because the product still works amazingly.
Absorbs clear and no oily/dewy look.

The packaging says that it smells of Guava and Watermelon and that is right. It smells strongly of this fruity scent which what guava and watermeon combined would smell like.

I Paid Rs:210 for this product which is pretty cheap.

You can visit the Enliven website at
Oh did i mention its not tested on animals and this product is MADE IN ENGLAND.

I hope you guys liked the review.


-Maheen Shoaib


Shang J. said...

For the price it offers, it seems like a pretty good product :)

EianesXOXO said...

Oh it sure is!