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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Inexpensive Find: Etude Mono Eye-shadow

Hi Guys,
       We all know very well how expensive eye shadows can get. If you want the quality you gotta pay the price. I personally spend a lot on make-up and its not like I regret spending the money its just that once in a while I would like to get something of good quality for cheap. So I am always on the search for good quality make-up that I can get for cheap and something that's easily available. Now there are many brands in Pakistan that cost very low but they are not really up to the mark when it comes to quality of the product. 
        I was shopping the other day when I came across this Etude beauty counter.  Now I have bought products from Etude before but this I saw that they had different packaging so I went and had a look at the products. They had many products but what caught my attention were the mono eye shadows. They had a pretty decent range of 35-40 colors roughly. I am still not sure. The colors of the mono eye shadows were very beautiful and eye catching and they cost only Rs:175/- which was basically a steal. 

Eye shadows I bought:

This one is called PP905.

PP905:  Its an eggplant purple with a semi matte finish. It is a very pretty color for a dramatic purple eye. It blends very well and its build-able so you can apply as much as you want to get the look you desire. This does not have a long staying power so use of primer is a must. I would recommend using the Urban Decay Primer Potion or use a same coloured base like Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Ransom.

This one is called GR611.

GR611: Its a semi matte aqua mint green. It reminds me of Blue Hawaiian from The Sleek Curacao Palette.The only difference is that this leans a little more towards the green side. Its again a build-able color and because the staying power is not the best you will have to use a primer.

My Thoughts:
Personally I really like these shadows. They are cheap but have pretty decent pigmentation. They are affordable and easily available. They have a gorgeous range of shades to choose from. Great for beginners. I find tat they do tend to fade away after a few hours so the use of Primer is a must. Other than they are pretty good shadows.

Good quality.
Easy to find
Good Range of colors

Tacky Packaging
Fades away quickly
No shade names.

Hope you found this review helpful.
-Maheen Shoaib

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Madame Hot Lips said...

These have great pigmentation!
Love your blog! :)

here's a link to my blog, make sure to check it out (: