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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Haulin' Haulin'

Hey guys,
    I was asked by many of you about the Color Studio Professional brand and since I had never used it before i couldn't tell you how I felt about it. So I got my hands on their lipglosses. I will be putting the reviews up soon so stay tuned. 

Yes this is the entire range of Color Studio High Shine Lipglosses Khimerz has to offer. Oh I almost forgot to mention. I got these from Khimerz


Khimerz is a complete Styling store, selling an impressive styling products.
Khimerz core product line consists of garments for menz and womenz, Ladies footwear, Loose fabric for Ladiez, House Ware, Artificial Jewellery, Ladies Bags and Kids Garments.
Khimerz will create tradition of great customer service, quality product and style which provides an elegant taste of creativity. The best part about Khimerz is that they offer all the products for cash on delivery. 

I hope you guys liked my haul. If you guys are planning on getting anything from Khimerz or Color Studio Professional Leave it in the comments below. I will be reviewing these products in two separate blogposts so stay tuned.

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-Maheen Shoaib


Sara.H said...

I think you got the whole range. :D Great haul! <3

EianesXOXO said...

Guilty as charged :p I go crazy when it comes to makeup :p

Rabeeyah said...

Wow! Lovely haul and collection :)

Madame Hot Lips said...

Can't wait to see a detailed review :)

Mona87 said...