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Saturday, October 1, 2011

M.A.C Chrome Yellow Eyeshadow - Product, Swatches, Review

MAC Chrome Yellow Eyeshadow
MAC Chrome Yellow Eyeshadow (Back)
MAC Eyeshadow: 
Highly Pigmented Powder. Applies evenly, Blends well.

MAC Chrome Yellow Eyeshadow

MAC Chrome Yellow Eyeshadow Swatch
MAC Chrome Yellow Eyeshadow:
Its a matte vivid Yellow. Its has a very smooth texture. The pigmentation of this shadow is pretty good but you really have to work with it to make it come up good. It is like a pressed shadow form of Primary Yellow Pigment. This Shadow is part of the permanent line.

My Thoughts:
Personally even though I like this shadow very much, I don't find myself grabbing for it very often. It just takes a little bit of work. I prefer using the Screwdriver shadow from my Sleek Curacao Palette. It just alot more easier to work with because it has a creamier texture. Its not a cream shadow but it just has this texture which gives it a better color pay-off. A few layers of the Chrome Yellow shadow will do the trick over a white or yellow base. Its not a neon Yellow but its good for a bright look.

Where Can You Get It:
You can get this from: (Pakistan Only) (International)

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I really hope you guys found this review helpful.

-Maheen Shoaib

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