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Sunday, March 18, 2012

St.Patricks Day Mermaid Makeup

Hey Guys,
So i don't really celebrate st.patricks day but seeing all those different makeup looks on youtube really inspired me to do something on my own. Thus i created a green and black smokey eye and use some browns in the crease aswell.I applied a little bit of glitter just to make the look really bold! To top of off i stippled different colors on top of my cheek bones to add a mystical mermaid scale look to it!
hope you guys like it!

Check out the links below :D :D :D


enLaPink said...

This is soooo pretty!!

Sidrah!!!! said...

I love the green glitter! Its such a cute way to amp up a smokey eye

Sunny said...

This is beautiful :) xxx

Pandora`s Box said...

You create a killer cut crease. Like, always :)
You are tagged to do a 7 deadly sins of beauty post on my blog hon.