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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Luscious Precious Metals Pure Mineral Eyeshadow Pigments Review

Hi guys!
If you cant tell from the title already but in this post i will review the luscious precious metals pure mineral eyeshadows. So a few days back luscious me an eyeshadow stack named enchanted and honestly speaking those colors were just very beautiful and totally went with the title. The green represented leaves, the red represented roses and the fawny beige showed the elegance of an enchanted garden.
Now lets come to the product but before i say anything i will tell you what luscious has to say about the product itself.
Luscious Precious Metals pure mineral
eyeshadow pigments are made from
pearlized powders derived from natural
minerals for out-of-this world color
delivery. Each shade can be worn alone, or
layered with other shades to create rich
contrasts in texture and multi-toned eye
makeup looks. The silky, ultra-concentrated
formula is easy to blend and long-lasting.
Four different combinations have been
created, each in a convenient stack-able pot
featuring three gorgeous, perfectly co-
ordinated shades!

I have to say that i totally agree with all that luscious just said. The colors are very pigmented and definitely out of this world. They are easier to apply than any other pigments. They stay on for a very long time and definitely are very smooth. They are easy to blend with other pigments and also regular eyeshadows but the most amazing part is that they cost so less. I have to say that i am very impressed by this product and would rate it 5 stars out of 5. Thats all for now.
-maheen shoaib

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