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Friday, November 26, 2010

Lusciously Friday:Duo-Fiber Stippling Brush

Hey Guys!!!

Okay so i finally got the duo-fiber stippling brush and guess what?.....I LOVE IT!!!
Although i do have to add that at first there was alot of fallout(which luscious said was very normal because it was made from synthetic and natural fibers) but then after i washed it once it was great. There was no fallout and the bristles were just so soft and blended my makeup so well. My skin started to look flawless and i loved it. Plus its also great for blush. Using your stippling brush you just take a little bit of blush and then just dab it on to your cheeks and you have a very natural looking well blended blush. The casing it came in was just very cute but it was a little small for the brush so the bristles kinda mashed together a little but that can happen to any brush. I would like it if luscious came out with a brush guard and definitely a brush cleanser because that would make life so mach easier. Anyways in the past i ave used many stippling brushes starting from MAC to KRYOLAN every single stippling brush was good but the MAC one was the best for obvious reasons and honestly speaking i think this has beat the MAC Duo-fiber Stippling Brush. The quality of both is the same but the luscious one is just way more cheaper and the handle is great an it doesn't slip out of your hand or something. Its just PERFECT. Anyways i gotta go now and oh i forgot to mention the price. The brush costs Rs895.00 and is totally worth it.
 Tips Luscious has given:
  • Use this brush after you finished your face makeup application for a buffed and blended result.
  • It is perfect for applying liquid shimmer for a sheer and soft finish. 
  • xoxo
    -Maheen Shoaib.

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