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Friday, November 5, 2010

Lusciously Friday: The Incredible Lash Mascara.

I know you people are probably thinking by looking at the title above "oh its just another mascara" or "its definitely going to clump" But this mascara proves you all wrong.
See What Fashion Central Has To Say About This Mascara:
Luscious Incredible Lash Mascara provides volume, length and curl for the longest, fullest lashes. The waterproof, all-in-one formula contains conditioning and strengthening ingredients for beautiful, Luscious lashes. The special brush spirals around each lash to lift, curl, and define for a perfect application and intense velvety finish. Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive eyes. Get ready for lashes with a little more oomph and a lot more glamor.
Instep Magazine:
Incredible Lash Mascara**1/2
The market for mascara may have been saturated by now, given that every brand produces one, but Luscious offers a fairly good version. For one, it's waterproof so it's a great choice for weddings (if you're the kind that bursts into tears every time 'Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali' plays). Secondly, it doesn't clump, which means you won't be running the risk of permanently red eyes and eye infections.

But given the amount of mascaras already available, one hopes that Luscious innovates with the line. Luscious reportedly puts a great deal of research into their products, but this range still needs some work. Even a couple of coats of the mascara don't give you incredible lashes. And perhaps they could innovate with the mascara wand as well - one great example to take note of is Maybelline's curved wand that made Maybelline a hit when it launched in Pakistan.

I don't agree with the instep article's second part though. I gotta say that the mascara is great and it does not clump. Plus it does no give the whole fake ashes look. It makes your lashes look long, voluminous and natural looking.
This Mascara costs RS:545 only which i think is pretty less as compared to all the other mascaras in my collection and it seems to do a pretty good job And since its waterproof it stays on your lashes and does does smudge or create the illusion of darker under-eye circles.
The Applicator makes it easer to get hold of every single lash and apply it in such a way that your lases are fully covered in a layer of non-clumping mascara.

Some Useful Tips The Luscious Website Provides Us With:

  • Start at the base of your lashes and gently brush up to the tips to lengthen and define. Repeat to build thickness and volume.
  • Quickly and easily wipes away with a gentle eye make-up remover, so even sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers can enjoy exotic lashes!
Next Thing On My Wishlist From Luscious Is The Duo-Fiber Stippling Brush.

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maryam said...

i was thinking about trying it,thanks for review.i would buy it