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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Carlo And Roma Highlighting Blush Review

     Hey Guys,
          A few days ago i went shopping...AGAIN.....and i knew i had to get some beauty products. So at the miscellaneous section of the beauty partition at my local drugstore i saw this really appealijng looking blush. Now it wasn't oh so amazing but the font on the blush was what i thought was appealing. Now this isn't really a blush but it is actually a highlighter. It looks pink but it does its job for the highlighting part.

The higlighting of this blush is not very dewy looking but actually its very subtle and looks nice on the skin. It doesn't give a cakey finish and it is just right for me. My skin tends to get oily around the T-zone area and when i apply powder on my face i like to apply it all over and it completely mattifies my face which i don't like because it looks bad in photos and my face has no definition.

I counter my face a little using the N.Y.C blush in Park Avenue Plum but highlighting is what i need the most. When i used this product for the first time it gave a very good shine to my face and it looked really good. The best part about this product was its price!
This product cost me RS:120 ONLY. For me this product was basically free.

Would I Recommend:

Where To Buy:
I bought this from Al-Syed Pharmacy but i will put it up for sale on my blog too just check out the barely used items for sale tab above. Don't worry i will send you a fresh piece.

Hope you liked my review. Request for more using the contact me tab above.

-Maheen Shoaib

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