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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top Three Blogging Inspirations *heart heart*

Hey Guys,
    This blogpost is about the top three bloggers that inspired me to become a beauty blogger. Now i have a whole lot of inspirations but i am writing just the top three. These do include video bloggers or as we all know them youtubers.

So my first inspiration is a video blogger/ youtuber Meganheartsmakeup
She is amazing and she just explains everything so well and so clearly. She is beautiful and she is nice to all her viewers and followers. She is my age so it is easier to understand her way of explaining or understanding her situation. Umm....She once posted a video named Mean Girls and i could totally relate to her situation and i know many other girls have had the same problems but Megan was bold enough to make a video about it and stand up against cyber bullying. Along with beauty videos she has made many videos explaining how girls just change at a certain age and some of those changes are not even good like she explained in her Respect Yourself video. I hope you guys will check out her channel and the videos i mentioned above.

Second inspiration is Sarah Glossicious.
OMG......there are not enough words in a dictionary to explain how amazing she is. She is nice to all her followers. She has amazing reviews and she just explains everything amazingly. She gives good beauty tips and did i mention she is amazing!!! When i first found out about her blog i was amazed at how up-to-date she liked to keep her followers and how amazingly she has explained everything to them and how fast she could gain your trust. The more honest the reviews the faster you can gain trust and that is what she does. She recently had a blog sale and i knew i had to get something because i just loved the collection of stuff she put up for sale. I bought quite a few things from her. You guys should totally check out her blog and do follow her.

Third inspiration is the one...the only....SARA HASSAN!!!
HECK YEAH.....Sara Hassan is an amazing blogger. She is just OMG amazing. And don't get me started about her photography skills they are out of this Friggin' Universe. Yeah thats right out of this freaking world. Did i mention she is GAW-JUS!!! She has honest reviews and she is amazing at her job and i jus love how she has set up her blog page and OMG i am just loving her big beautiful eyes. I am totally in love with her FOTD's, They are amazing. Especially the turban one. Dang Gurl that was somne good stuff. Check out her blog and do follow her my darlings cause she is amazing.

Do check them out they are amazing and i love them.

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Yeah so thats that....*awkward pause* i guess i should go now.

-Maheen Shoaib


Sara.H said...

AWwww thanks you Maheen. That is so sweet of you :D really. *Hugs*

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

WOW maheen ! i am speechless. Seriously my heart was filled so much joy when i read your words. Thank you you are a sweetheart

EianesXOXO said...

Well you both deserve it