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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luux!!! New World Of Blogging. Feat. Maddi Hamid.

Hey guys,
     So last night my YouTube was not working and i was trying to look for Maddi Hamid's YouTube channel (which is i have no idea why i couldn't find it. So i searched for Maddi Hamid on google and the first link that showed up was her luuux profile page. When i opened it i saw some posts by maddi and then i thought it was interesting and wanted to know what luuux was really about so i joined it as well. Luuux is similar to blogger but the difference is or you can call it benefit is that you get Luuux points for writing posts and even completing your profile. Once you start collecting points you can also go to the luuux shop and buy something from those points or donate it to charity. The points you earn are free.

What the company has to say:

Our Mission

Be the most attractive place for sharing trends and ideas with friends and other users, and share the income we generate from these activities with those who help create it.

Our Philosophy

Can You earn money while sharing trends and ideas with your friends? At Luuux we believe so.
Many of today's major communities have been built using content from your activities, but the revenues generated from this is not always shared back with you.
By awarding Luuux$ for adding content and community interaction, we share our revenues from advertising and sales commissions with you, making us a  new kind of social community and the time you spend online a whole lot more valuable.

Luuux$ Currency

Luuux$ is a virtual currency used to share the revenues we generate on the site with the site members. Its value is based on real exchange rates with US Dollars and Euros and will therefore fluctuate.
Luuux$ value will also fluctuate according to the revenues the site earns. If the site is abused the value of the Luuux$ will go down making it harder to buy items in the shop.

Our Team

LUUUX has been founded by an experienced team which is driven with a desire for innovation and success. They have been at the fore-front of business innovation and are counted amongst the pioneers of Internet business since 1995.
Bengt Sundstrøm − Chairman and Founder at, is also founder and owner of a well known European auction site for art, design, antiques and home luxury items.
David Openshaw − Pioneered early video on demand in 2000, mobile video portals in 2002, more recently implementing Social Media Networks.

Welcome to Luuux

Join Here.
And don't forget to add me and of course Maddi Hamid.

-Maheen Shoaib

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