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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My February Favorites

Hey Guys,
      A few days ago a twitter follower asked me what my favourite face products for the month of February were and I had no idea what to say because I use all kinds of shizz on my face and I can't stick on to one product for more than a week. So I decided, why not do a blogpost on the face products I absolutely loved in the month of February.

So obviously we will start with the basic which is the moisturizer and the moisturizer I fell in love with the moment I put it on my face was the Vince Lightnix Moisturizing Face and Body lotion. The one I use is for normal to combination skin. it cost me around Rs:650 or maybe 680 I dont remember but this product is amazing.

What the company has to say:
VINCÉ moisturizing lotion is an extra silky formula designed to help firm, moisturize and bring life back to your skin in this often neglected area of the neck and chest. Antioxidant ingredients are designed to reach the skin's cellular level while lush emollients have been included to leave skin velvety soft with a glowing finish. Using Lightnix feels like a treat, but expects real results; smoother, more refined skin texture and a more even skin tone.

The skin is also moisturized, and incorporates a sunscreen, offering some much needed sun protection.
Skin remains soft and moisturized, even after multiple washings. Hands look younger and more supple.

Eventhough they say its also for your body I like to use it on my face before applying foundation or apply it on its own and set with a translucent powder. I was introduced to this product by my mother and I have been thankful to her ever since.
For more information on this product visit

Okay so after moisturizer is primer. Now I have a pretty clear and even skin tone so I dont need a color correcting primer but my skin does tend to get a little oily around the T-zone area so I like to use the Luscious Ultra Protective Whitening UV Base. Now the name might have the word 'Whitening' in it but actually what this product does is it evens out your skin tone making your face look brighter and since it has a dry formula it works as an oil controller....if that is even a word.

What the company has to say:
Save Your Skin! 
Sun damage has become a big part of our lives due to pollution and the environment. No matter what your age is, you are at risk of sun damage (dark patches and uneven skin tone) every time you step out without a good sun block.

Here to the rescue is Luscious Whitening Base SPF 35.

All in One: 
• Oil-free Moisturiser, 
• High performance Sun Protection 
• Makeup Primer

The benefits? The list is endless.

I got this product for I guess Rs:750
For more information on this product visit www

So the third product is foundation. I mostly dont apply foundation but when I have to I like to apply something that that is very lightweight and does not block my pores. At first I used the Artdeco mineral foundation powder. But since it was in powder form it never really gave me a good coverage and if I layered it on it would start to look cakey no matter how much I tried to blend it. So then Luscious came out with the Luscious HD Mineral LIQUID Foundation. The moment I saw that it was available online I ordered it and within two days it was in my hand. This foundation literally changed my life. The formula is so silky and lightweight and it just blends so easily and you can layer it on for more coverage and it won't look cakey at all. This foundation blends with your skintone amazingly giving you a flawless, HD finish.

What the company has to say:
Luscious High Defintion Mineral Foundation is a silky, lightweight foundation made from pure minerals with all the benefits of a skincare treatment. The soft-matte formula is infused with minerals, vitamins and deep sea water. Glides onto your skin for perfect coverage, and evens out your complexion while allowing your skin to breathe. Continued use will make your skin smoother and clearer, even when you're not wearing foundation!

This foundation has been specially formulated to provide all the benefits of mineral makeup without compromising on coverage or staying power, and minimizes pores and imperfections for a high definition finish.

Contains 0% Oil, 0% Talc and 0% Fragrance

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Dermatologist tested.

The price of this foundation is Rs:1175.
For more information on this product visit

Next is the powder. I like to use a powder which doesn't just sit on my skin it actually blends into my skin giving me an airbrushed look and lately the Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder has been meeting all my requirements. I dont have much to say about the powder because for me it just works great but it might vary from person to person. The shade I am in is No.2 Matte Beige.
I bought this powder online at for $20.00.
For more information on this product visit

Last but not the least is the blush. The blush I use is the M.A.C Hello Kitty Beauty Powder Blush. The shade I use is Tippy. it is a very nice pink color which gives me a very natural blushing look. I completely adore this product because of its cute packaging and for the fact that even though its a POWDER blush it still does not make my face look really powdery or cakey. This is a discontinued product and I honestly don't remember how much I got it for.  You can still find it online on sites like Ebay or Amazon.

So this was my oh so long blogpost about my favourite face products for the month of February.

Hope You Like it.
-Maheen Shoaib

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