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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hey guys,
   a few days ago i received a parcel from a company, KKCENTERHK. Basically KKCENTERHK is an online brand that provides  False Lashes, Wigs and Eyeshadow. I found out about this brand around a month ago and I really was impressed because the quality of the products was really good and it was cheap in price.

So lets get on with the review. A few days ago i got a parcel their end. they sent me three products. A set of individual lashes, a set of dramatic lashes and and eyeshadow palette. The pictures below might not be the best quality but you get the basic picture.

This is the Eyelash Glue that came along with the individual lashes and it is seriously very good.
This is what the lashes look like.

Bare Eye
With lashes

this is the eyeshadow palette.

the top 4 colors

The bottom 4 colors

a look I did with this palette alone.

the dramatic lashes

love love love them <3

 i hope you guys liked my review.
-Maheen Shoaib

1 comment:

shahtaj said...

Nice post:)Really like the eyelashes and your eye look.keep up the good work:)