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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Creation Quad - The Quad I Created Myself!

Hey Guys,
   Recently I was experimenting with color pigments and decided to make my own eye shadows. I have wanted to have my own makeup brand ever since I have gotten into makeup. Finally I have some time on my hand so I can actually experiment with making shadows and all that good stuff. 
   I made these 4 eyeshadows a couple days ago. This Quad was just an experiment but after I posted the pictures on my facebook page I saw a pretty positive response so I decided to post a detailed review on my blog.

The Eyeshadows:
 This quad contains four shadows. Sand dune, Bloody Mary, Velvet Gold and Purple Dusk.

Sand Dune:
This shade is the lightest shade in this quad. It is a super shimmery highlight shade. What I like about this shadow is that it is not stark white, its more of a light sandy beige shade. It can be used as a browbone highlight, inner corner highlight and also as a face highlighter. 

Bloody Mary:
It is a true blood red shade. It is shimmery and personally I think its a very unique color. I don't have anything like this in my collection. It works great as a sultry crease color as well as a dramatic lid color.

Velvet Gold:
This is my one of most used color from this Quad.Its a gold shade which actually reminds me of liquid gold. It doesn't have a yellow undertone. Its not specifically an orange undertone either but it definitely falls in the same neighbourhood.

Purple Dusk:
This shadow is my favourite from this Quad. Its a very unique shade. Its a black with a reddish purple undertone. Its perfect to make any look dramatic or it can be used as a liner aswell.

My thoughts:
Since I did make this quad myself I don't wanna brag about its awesome-ness. Honestly this quad does contain some unique shadows. Its pigmentation is also very good. I feel like the colors glide on very easily and blend out very nicely.

If you people are interested in this palette leave it in the comments and I might think about making some of these quads for you guys!

Hope you guys liked this post.
-Maheen Shoaib


Sara Hassan said...

Oh wow! great job on the quad :) xx

sahar awan said...

wao great work...colors in quad are very pretty

Sahrish Adeel said...

Wow. Great work =) I really liked all the shadows. xxx

Coach Shirley said...

OMG! Sista! I want me some! You are talented! M'allah!

Coach Shirley said...

I want some! That is an awesome quad.