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Friday, July 26, 2013

My bullying story and Why I stopped blogging!

Keep on reading to find out my bullying story.

Hey everyone, 
   So today's post is going to be a little personal. Not like anything I have done before. I have finally decided to open up about why I stopped blogging and why I am back. 
    Before I start I would just like to tell you guys that it was a very difficult time for me and fortunately I have gotten past it. So lets begin...Back in October of 2012 I started getting very hateful messages through my Facebook page telling me that my blog had no future and I was the most ugliest person he/she had ever seen and just very hateful stuff in general. This person continued to send me about 16-20 messages per day. This went on for a week and then I blocked his/her ID and deleted the messages. I thought this was the end of it but it wasn't. I continued getting the messages but this time on my personal Facebook account. I didn't tell anyone about it instead I blocked the ID again. This person made about a dozen ids to harass me further. I kept on blocking them and pretending like I did not care but to be honest those messages really brought me down. This person found out my number somehow and continued to harass me through Text messages, Whatsapp and Viber. Finally I changed my phone number. 
   This isn't the first time I was bullied. I have been through this before. From Grade 1 all the way up to Grade 8, I was bullied on and off for one reason or another but to my advantage I have a very amazing mother who always helped me through situations like this. I never told her what was going on but she just knew that I was upset and she did whatever she could to cheer me up. If it weren't for my mother I would still be getting picked on. Now I am not going to get into the details about what happened next, lets just get back to the blogging issue. 
  Now I am going to tell you why I came back. When I stopped blogging I told everyone that I stopped because I was starting college and I wanted to focus on my studies. After the summer vacations started I had nothing but free time on
my hands and many people asked me why I didn't start blogging again.  I was always too embarrassed to tell them why. One day I got a message from one of my blog followers saying she wanted to see a review of the Cazibe Pret line by Mahnoor Arbab. After a couple of days I got several messages asking me to do the same. So I thought " You know what one post won't hurt anybody" so I messaged Mahnoor and she gladly helped me out with the post. A couple days after posting that review the same person messaged me on Facebook and started hating on me again. Once again I ignored. My whatsapp was still connected to my old number but since I had blocked his/her number I couldn't see any of their messages. He/She started harassing me on whatsapp using another number. Their picture was of Daniel Radcliffe so I had no idea who it was but one day out of curiosity I unblocked the old number they used to harass me with and I found out who my bully was. For starters it was a SHE! Surprise Surprise! I bet everyone kinda figured that out already. This was the same girl who used to bully me back in 3rd and 4th grade. Yeah...pathetic? I know. My bully had returned but this time I didn't give a rats a**.  I had tolerated enough from this person and i wasn't going to be scared anymore. So I texted her and I will put a screenshot of my message below.

After that this girl never contacted me in any way what so ever and I realized that just because this one person has still not grown up and still feels good by bringing me down doesn't mean I have to put up with it. So I decided to continue blogging. 
  Well that's it. That was my story. If you have been through anything similar please do tell me in the comments. 
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Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe people can be so immature. Just don't let that you-know-what to get you down again ;) Never stop blogging, that will drive her insane!
All the best! =)

Sara Hassan said...

Maheen, I am so happy and angry at the same time. Angry because some people just cannot sit comfortably without hurting others. I am happy that you came back. We need talented girls like you. I was always a fan! Do not let ANYONE bring you down.

Lots of love! :) x

Dyna said...

I can't believe anyone would ever do that. To waste your time and energy trying to make someone miserable is just crazy. Glad you stood up to her. And if it happens next time - share it - you'd be surprised how much people are willing to help dear. I'm sure a lot of people would have helped you out and blocked and reported that person. Glad you're back to blogging again, you're amazing!

Shy Cheeeks said...

Oh my.. thats SO mean of her to send all those hateful messages :/
Im really glad the whole bullying thing has ended now.. You my friend, are a wonderful person and blogger.. Don't let anyone put you down again.. She was just too jealous of you because you were always better than her :)
Keep up your lovely work <3

Shehrzad Dastaan said... was so so hateful and mean of that person.I really would like to congratulate you on being brave.The bullies are most afraid of those they are bullying.Because in their hearts they know that if that person stands upto them it would expose their real shallow,scared self.You deserve hugs and praises girl.I pray that may your life in future be free of all such mean stupid ppl.You r a creative genius girl.Never let anyone tell you any different <3

Shehrzad Dastaan said...

oph dear looks like my comment got i am postiung another.I admire you for your courage and strength.MAy Allah keeps such mean ppl away fomr your life.ameen.You did right in standing up to her.A bully is most afraid of their target because they know that if that person stands up to them it will unmask the real shallow,sacred lowlife in them.hugs n prayers for you r a very talented girl.never let anyone tell you any differently.

Anonymous said...

You should just never care about anyone or anything that tries to effect your work.Maheen you are an extremly talented girl and you will go a long way! this girl had just always been jealous of you thats why she could'nt see your happiness! karma shall treat her well.
NEVER EVER LET ANYONE COME IN YOUR HAPPINES AND WORK!I am glad,you are back,i love reading your post.It just gives me that proud feeling,atleast i can say that oh this girl,we studied in the same school you know.Keep up the good work.<3

Saniya Mujahid said...

Even after all her hate, you were very mature and classy in your reply. It's so infuriating that people have nothing productive to do rather than bring each other down. Plus, everyone is suddenly brave behind the mask of anonymity. Pathetic.
Bullying can cause severe emotional distress and I'm glad your mom helped you through it.

Sidrah!!!! said...

Maheen, You are a wonderful and brave girl. I always adored watching your YouTube videos and haul posts. Im completely saddened about what you have been through and I'm glad that you found the courage to write about it. You are incredible and i hope you continue to blog and stay strong!

ZatZ said...

Some people are SO CRUEL.. i did get an email last month telling me hurtful things too.. i was a bit upset but i emailed back very stern and straight forward and that person never emailed me again.

Be brave! It takes guts to run a blog :) Dont take anything to heart.

Sana Sadiq said...

Glad you are back Maheen!! Missed reading your posts and your amazing youtube tutorials... And so glad you stood rock hard against bullying and in that miserable situation. *Welcome Back Love*.

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

You awsome of you to the stand instead of giving her more chances to bully you . You are strong girl and to be honest I did always wonder that why you quit blogging . You loved makeup . Glad you are back ;)

Rabeeyah said...

I'm glad you are back. I was wondering why you disappeared, when I started to see your amazing and VERY artistic posts once again. Ignore such haters, they hate you because they can't be like you, and you should be proud of what you do that makes some insecure. Welcome back to the blogging world! x

Faiza Qaiser said...

I missed your posts , i am so inspired by your makeup skills and want to see new looks now :) Anyway if someone tries to bully you again just share it on facebook , we can all make his/her life hell one comment at a time :P